Weather Any Storm with Backup Power Systems from West Bay

As Floridians are all too aware, Florida weather can be extreme! With heavy rains, severe winds, and the occasional passing hurricane, weather can turn from pleasant to dangerous at a moment’s notice. And with bad weather comes downed power lines and blackouts, cutting you off from electricity when you need it most! For this reason, Florida residents count on West Bay Home Services for the installation of backup power systems like generators and external batteries. If you want to stay connected to electricity even when the grid goes down, talk with West Bay Home Services today!

Do You Need Backup Batteries and Generators?

When reliant on the grid, your access to power isn’t always guaranteed. For instances when energy infrastructure fails, backup batteries and generators can make up the difference. Backup power systems not only keep your home or business connected when blackouts occur but can help you manage power and save on energy costs. With backup power systems, you benefit from:

  • Blackout Protection – No matter the reason for a power outage, you know you’re protected against blackouts with a backup power system. The moment the grid goes down, your generator will kick in, or your batteries will begin feeding power to your property’s electrical systems.
  • Keep Crucial Systems Online – From a home’s air conditioning to the life-saving machinery in hospitals, electricity keeps these critical systems up and running. When power fails or blackouts occur unexpectedly, backup power sources can be relied upon to ensure your crucial electrical systems continue running seamlessly.
  • Prevent Damage and Waste – A power surge or total blackout is a greater danger to your electronics than you might believe. Moreover, if appliances like freezers and refrigeration systems fail, the resulting food waste could cost hundreds of dollars. With backup power on hand, these risks can be avoided altogether!
  • Track Power Consumption – Investing in battery systems will allow your home or business to regulate power usage more efficiently. You can store excess energy and use it during peak hours, lessening the need for continuous energy consumption. This way, you’ll be able to save money while always having a reliable power source!

Our Backup Power Systems

Here at West Bay Home Services, we have teamed up with Generac and Tesla to bring the most innovative backup power solutions to residents of Florida! Our teams part of West Bay Energy are certified installers for both Powerwall by Tesla and Generac generators. We can integrate these advanced backup power systems into any home or business. Learn more about our available batteries and generators, and discover which are best for your energy needs!

Tesla's Powerwall

The Powerwall is a home battery used to store excess energy from the grid or produced by other electric systems, such as solar panels. Energy stored in your Powerwall can be used on demand or will automatically power your property when a blackout occurs. Additionally, you gain full visibility and control over your self-powered home through Tesla’s mobile app! The standout features of Tesla’s Powerwall include:

  • Compact & Simple – Powerwall batteries are quick and easy to set up, with a compact design that can fit anywhere.
  • Safe – There’s no worrying about fire hazards with Powerwall, as these systems are completely safe thanks to liquid thermal controls and touch-safe technology.
  • Wireless Monitoring – See how much energy you’re storing or using and easily monitor your Powerwall’s status through the Tesla App.

Generac Generators

As the #1 name in home backup generators, Generac can give you the peace of mind you need when power outages occur. Generac manufactures a wide selection of residential, commercial and industrial generators with portable options as well. You can easily connect your Generac generator to any home or business’s electrical system. So when the power output for your property drops to zero, you can count on your Generac generator to activate! Notable features of Generac generators include:

  • Quiet – Generac generators are designed to be both fuel-efficient and quiet, operating at a lower RPM for brief periods.
  • Durable – Generators have a resilient powder-coat finish to prevent corrosion in extreme climates and weather conditions.
  • Wireless Controls – Mobile Link Wi-Fi Connectivity from Generac allows you to monitor your generator’s status no matter where you are! Just download and use their simple app to easily view all of your equipment stats.

Financing Available Through West Bay Home Services!

West Bay Home Services sets itself apart from other local contractors with $0 down for the installation of select products! Additionally, while you’ll find many contractors unwilling or unable to assist with financing, West Bay doesn’t shy away from flexible financing options and excellent product warranties. We strive to make home services more accessible and affordable for West and Central Florida residents.