Impact Resistant Windows in Gulf and Central Florida and Surrounding Areas Nearby

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Window Installation for Hurricane Proofing and Protection

When Gulf and Central Florida is hit by powerful storms and inclement weather, you’ll be so thankful that you chose West Bay’s Hurricane Impact Windows to safeguard your home. In addition to their durability, these windows are unbelievably energy-efficient and provide unparalleled insulation for your home, they are backed by our limited lifetime warranty in order to give peace of mind.

With West Bay Home Services Hurricane Impact Windows, you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected from the raging wind and torrential downpour outside. Rigorously tested to withstand extreme weather conditions, our windows are guaranteed not to break or shatter even in times of intense storm activity. Make sure you’re prepared for this hurricane season by investing in reliable impact windows today! The efficient engineering craftsmanship of this product makes it capable to withstand an onslaught of Category 5 storms, rendering storm panels unnecessary. These benefits include:

  • Protecting your home from Florida’s weather
  • Ensures energy efficiency windows for the heat of summer
  • Withstanding hurricane-force winds and rains

Choose from color options to enhance and complement the aesthetic design of your home – both inside and out!

Adhering to Gulf and Central Florida Building Codes

Meeting ASTM performance standard

Helps minimize costly damage of hurricanes

Preventing infiltration of air and water

Strong Limited Lifetime Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of factory certified experts installs all of the hurricane impact windows.
Windows with hurricane impacts are made to survive storms and bad weather. These windows reduce damage from flying debris, water damage, and the effects of strong winds.

It could be difficult for the typical person to know if your windows are impact resistant. Frequently, the glass panes themselves will exhibit the warning indications.

Check the labels on your windows to determine if the glass is specifically referred to as “impact resistant” if they still have them.
Look for a permanent mark on the glass’s corners that would show whether the window is composed of tempered glass.
Contact the experts at West Bay Home Services in your area if you’re not sure if your current windows are hurricane-proof.

West Bay Home Services makes hurricane windows that can resist category 5 storms with winds of more than 155 mph.
Improvements to homes and businesses that increase energy efficiency may be eligible for tax credits, according to tax regulations established as part of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018. Replacement windows that are Energy Star compliant are specifically listed as a qualifying upgrade by the IRS.
Slide the top or bottom window sash to open our impact windows.
Indeed, hurricane windows can increase the value of your house and possibly lower your insurance and energy expenditures.
While each product reduces storm damage on its own, we advise utilizing hurricane windows and shutters together for the best damage protection.
For your home’s complete protection, we advise installing both hurricane windows and hurricane shutters, erring on the side of caution. It is wise to have both if you reside in a hurricane-prone area.
Our hurricane windows are indeed made to endure the most powerful storms. They must meet or exceed ASTM performance criteria after being subjected to rigorous testing for water resistance and air penetration levels.
Because they are made of stronger materials, hurricane windows often cost more up front than regular replacement windows. Long-term returns will be obtained from this initial investment.
Impact-resistant windows from West Bay Home Services are ENERGY STAR®-rated and fitted with Low-E glass to enhance window performance and keep you comfortable all year round.


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Our Window Installation Process

At first glance, replacing a window may seem like an effortless task. However, when looked at more closely, it is evident that the process of window installation can be surprisingly intricate and detailed. Here’s some crucial information about the procedure so you have all the tools for your home to stay healthy and safe!

Removing The Old Window

West Bay Home Services has the resources, manpower and knowledge to make removing an existing window from its frame easy on you! We specialize in quickly disposing of windows correctly so that you don't have to worry about any complex steps. Why wait? Let us take care of your window removal today for a seamless transition.
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Step 01

Window Openings

Out of square window openings can be a significant impediment to restoring your home. Caulking, insulation, and other crucial processes need extreme precision - any minor missteps could lead to costly damage down the road, including draftiness and water destruction. That's why it takes incredibly specialized tools and expertise when tackling this task!
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Step 02

New Window Installs

Our top-notch, experienced specialists securely install our custom fitted windows from the interior and take every precaution to ensure your window as well as home remain safeguarded against potential damage. We understand how vital it is for your home's future that our window installations are done correctly. That’s why we take our time to ensure everything has been precisely completed and nothing left to chance.
Step 03
As you can tell, installing a window is an intricate task that should not be done by those who lack experience. Allow our experts to do the job properly and avoid any mistakes with the help of our exemplary combined expertise!

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