Dependable Electrical Systems for Florida

Ensuring your home or business’s lights and wiring are correct and up-to-date is essential to your property’s safety, comfort and function. However, not just “any” electrician can update your property’s electrical systems. Safe and reliable wiring and electrical panel upgrades are only possible with the trained, experienced, certified electricians at West Bay Home Services. Improve the safety and efficiency of your property’s electrical systems with help from West Bay!

Why Choose West Bay Home Services?

The health and safety of our clients are always top of mind when installing new electrical systems for your home or business. Whether due to age or malfunctions, we understand the challenges of updating your property’s wiring and electric panels and how the slightest mistake can have significant consequences. Thankfully, our electricians are trained, licensed and certified to handle all types of electrical installations, giving our clients confidence in our electrical services.

Furthermore, if updating your household’s or facility’s electrical systems seems too expensive to manage, West Bay Home Services offers excellent and flexible financing to all our clients. We also offer electrical services backed by our 5-year warranty. If your electrical systems malfunction within the first five years after installation, our team quickly provides replacements or repairs.

Do You Need New Electrical Systems?

If you aren’t familiar with the signs of an electrical panel or wiring in distress, electricity problems will only worsen! Knowing the “red flags” of failing electrical systems can help avoid costly repairs or damage caused by malfunctions. Be sure to have your systems replaced by West Bay Home Services ASAP!
  • Flickering Lights – If wires are old and frayed, or your main electrical panel cannot support the electric load of your property, you might notice your lights flickering.
  • Burning Smells – As your electrical systems malfunction, they might char or scorch portions of your main electrical panel or wiring, which can be identified by a burning smell from your panel or wall outlets.
  • Scorch Marks – When an electrical current no longer travels along its intended path, it can lead to scorching and excessive heat around your outlets and electrical panel.
  • Sparking – If plugging in electronics to an outlet, you shouldn’t notice sparks. Old and faulty wiring is more likely to cause dangerous sparks that can lead to electric fires.
  • Circuit Breaker Trips – Are you constantly tripping your property’s circuit breaker? This is an obvious sign your electrical systems cannot handle current electric output, meaning an updated panel and wiring is necessary.
  • Buzzing – Properly running electrical systems should run entirely quiet. So, if you notice buzzing noises, it’s a sign of loose prongs or fraying wires needing replacement.
  • Age – While your systems seem fine, they might be too old to be still effective! Many old electric panels only support power ratings of 50 amps, which is much too low for today’s electricity standards.

Available Rebates for Main Panel and Wiring Upgrades

Thanks to the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act, homeowners can receive a significant rebate when upgrading their property’s primary electrical systems. For example, eligible homes can utilize the high-efficiency tax credit under the IRA to cover the costs of MPU (Main Panel Upgrades) and electrical wiring. Under the tax provisions, households can receive a $4,000 rebate for new electrical panels and $2,500 for wiring. These rebates, matched with West Bay’s financing options, can help you save thousands on your next electrical system upgrade.

EV Chargers for Your Home

As electric vehicle usage continues to grow, so does the need for EV charging stations. However, EV chargers aren’t always available where you’re located, and traveling somewhere to charge your vehicle can be inconvenient. Thankfully, West Bay Home Services can help! We install fast-charging Tesla and ClipperCreek EV stations for homeowners throughout West and Central Florida. Studies have shown over 95% of EV charging happens at home, so why not make vehicle charging simple? Call West Bay today!

Financing Available Through West Bay Home Services!

West Bay Home Services sets itself apart from other local contractors with $0 down for the installation of select products! Additionally, while you’ll find many contractors unwilling or unable to assist with financing, West Bay doesn’t shy away from flexible financing options and excellent product warranties. We strive to make home services more accessible and affordable for West and Central Florida residents.